3 customizable gift ideas: for him and for her

Whether it's for your sweetheart or a co-worker, choosing a suitable gift that can amaze and make the recipient happy can sometimes be really complicated.

From flowers to perfumes passing through chocolates, the possibility of appearing boring and discounted is just around the corner. To avoid this unpleasant scenario, we have thought of three proposals for you and for her to personalize with the hot engraving of your initials or, in the case of a gift of love, your two initials.

Gift ideas for him

When it comes to finding the right gift that is classy and refined, a genuine leather item is definitely a good choice and always super welcome. Among the most popular ideas we find:

  • Waist

A timeless classic, suitable for men of all ages, naturally we talk about the belt. From the most classic colors such as black and blue, to give to those who usually choose an elegant look, with neutral shades such as brown perfect to wear during the day or brightly colored belts such as red or green for those who are not afraid to dare.


  • Wallets

Give away a wallets leather to a man and you will make him happy. The variations in this case are many. Single compartment, double compartment, card holder or simple coin purse. A variant for every type of pocket, not to mention the many colors you can choose according to the personality of those who will receive it. The personalization with the hot engraving of the initials of the future owner will instead be the gem that will make the gift superlative.

  • Backpack

For those who know well the lifestyle of the birthday boy, a leather backpack can represent a choice outside the box but one that will be definitely appreciated. The models Napoli o Palermo they are ideal for those who need a practical backpack for work or university.

Gift ideas for her


How to win a woman's heart and give her a smile? Simple, with a leather accessory. Also in this case we have selected three types of genuine leather products suitable for various types of occasions, from anniversaries to birthdays.

  • Pochette

In any woman's closet there must be at least one clutch and if they don't have it, it's time to give it away. A bag is an undemanding gift but always appreciated by the recipient, especially when the color chosen is not the classic black but an unusual shade such as coral, purple or green to be naturally personalized with their initials.


  • Wallets

If you have received a party invitation at short notice and don't really know what to give to the birthday girl, with a wallets you will leave it open-mouthed. Regardless of the age of the woman, a well-made and high-quality wallet is preferred in the choice of luxury accessories to own. Also in this case it will be up to you to understand which will be the most suitable color for the style of those who will receive it, but with black you can never go wrong.

  • Pistoia backpack

Finally, if you want to conquer it, the perfect gift is our backpack Pistoia, with a traditional and luxury design. A different, charismatic and lively choice designed for those who love practicality both in the city and for a trip out of town. The many colors available can also have a meaning, red if you want to declare your passion for her or yellow if you want to tell her that it is your sun. You can also customize the backpack with a small word of love that seals your story.

As you have read, there are so many alternatives, you just have to figure out which one is the most suitable for your needs on our online shop.

Good choice!