How to treat a leather bag

Whether it is a bag or a belt when we are dealing with real leather, we can see that over the years, just like our skin, it tends to age showing the signs of time. Even if we treat our accessories with extreme care, this is an inevitable change, which will however give a lived-in, personal look that tells a story, yours.

Of course, however, there are small tricks and effective products to treat the skin, which will guarantee a long life. So here is a short list for you on how to take care of a genuine leather accessory:

Treat it with respect

The daily and prolonged use of a bag in natural leather will irreparably lead to scratching, staining or damaging it. We must therefore treat it as we would treat our own skin. First of all, avoiding placing it on the ground or on dirty or wet surfaces. Furthermore, it would be a good idea to moisturize the leather with specific creams or waxes regularly, about every 3 months, a trick that will not only give it a shiny appearance but will also act as a barrier against scratches and dirt. 


how to treat a leather bag

Always use the proper tools

Be careful with what you wear

Even what you wear can ruin your bags. Studs or zips could scratch the leather while denim or colored fabrics could transfer the dye to the bag or wallet (in case you put them in your pocket) and stain them. 

Keep it with care

If you use a bag only on special occasions, it is essential to store it indoors and away from sunlight or other heat sources such as radiators, which could dry out the leather and flake it. Furthermore, to preserve its original shape it would be useful to fill it with paper, avoiding the newspaper that could stain the lining. 

If, on the other hand, you want to preserve the leather of your belts, it is important to always roll them up and place them in their special containers.

 how to treat leather belts

Carefully place the belts in their special bags

Use separate compartments

Whether it is cosmetics, perfumes or pens, it is always better to put them in an additional pouch, preferably washable, so as to avoid the risk that these can open and ruin the inside of your bag. If, on the other hand, the exterior gets stained with ink, we advise you not to try to remove the stain as it could make the situation worse, but rather take your accessory directly to a specialist who may be able to remove it.

Avoid getting the leather wet

During the cold season our bags are subject to be affected of cold temperature and rain. Usually the water evaporates quickly from the surface of leather but if your leather items get wet often the best thing to do is to treat them with special waterproof spray that will protect them from humidity, specially for the light color such as ocra or yellow. 

Finally, it is important to underline that regardless of the treatment you want to carry out, each product must never be sprayed or spread directly on the surface but must first be put on a cotton pad and only then gently massaged into the skin.

In short, with these little tricks your favorite accessories will last even longer, accompanying you as faithful friends in your special moments.