The steps of the real Made in Italy supply chain

When you think about the Made in Italy: it is associated with a product of undisputed and artisanal quality. A prestigious meaning that until sixty years ago was used in a derogatory way by the nations of northern Europe, who imported footwear products from Italy, considered poor industry products, and wanted to make sure that consumers knew that they were not made at home.

Over time, the Made In Italy brand has taken on an increasingly positive connotation becoming, today, a symbol of excellence, especially when the term is combined with handcrafted products. It is no coincidence that Italy has one of the most stringent control systems for its supply chain in the world, so that it can only be used on products whose
processing phases took place mainly on the Italian territory.

Our craftsmanship

It is precisely the different stages of craftsmanship and the accuracy with which it proceeds to its creation the essential element that differentiates a product from others. A process that we take care of in every detail, which has meant that our products can be recognizable just by observing one of their details.
In our laboratory each item is treated exclusively with manual processing techniques, with work tools that recall those of the past, to bring the tradition of Italian craftsmanship to the world.
So what are the different steps in creating our product?


The tanning of leather

The tanning of our leathers is vegetable, the substances used are the tannins which are extracted exclusively from vegetable sources (tree bark or flowers). macerate for several hours depending on the color chosen. This technique is called "barrel dyeing" and is through dyeing, that is, the color penetrates the entire leather from side to side


Characteristics of the leather

The leathers are full grain, they do not undergo processing that could damage and alter the natural appearance. This type of leather represents the maximum expression of real leather because it has no finishes that cover the defects, leaving the natural characteristics of the animals unaltered.


The preparation of the leather

Once the type of leather to be worked has been chosen, we move on to the development of the pattern, one of the most difficult steps to carry out. In fact, according to the wear and traction points of the leather, the various patterns must be arranged, always keeping in mind the subsequent processing steps that it will have to undergo.


leather preparation - real made in Italy 

Cutting and finishing

A phase that requires good dexterity and extreme precision is that of cutting. This is done by hand following the lines of the pattern, also cutting out the support materials and linings. In a second time the various cutouts are smoothed and finished, including the edges with a special dye so as to obtain a smooth and perfectly sealed edge.

The assembly

After choosing the accessories that will make up the creation, such as hinges and small metal parts, we move on to the actual assembly. The various pieces are assembled by hand and sewn with a nylon or cotton yarn, a particularly delicate step because a single mistake is enough to compromise the leather and irreparably ruin the entire creation.


made in italy supply chain

The final check and hot engraving

When assembled, all accessories and metal parts are added, with possible polishing of the leather. Only when the process is finished and when the customer chooses the accessory to buy, the initials will be hot-engraved, to make the product truly unique.

A series of phases that require a lot of passion and patience, which however make our products inimitable, as only the true Made In Italy can be.