Quality leathers: 5 ways to recognize them

The quality of a leather accessory, whether it is a belt or a bag, can more than any other elevate the style of the wearer when it is of high quality, or inevitably ruin the entire outfit when the leather is poor.

So how to understand if what you are buying is genuine leather or synthetic fabric?

How to distinguish real leather

The characteristics of a high-quality leather are different from the resistance to softness. The most obvious are the following:

1. The grain of the skin

The first thing you will notice by looking closely at the leather is its natural appearance, with the grain of the pores clearly visible as well as its irregularities and small defects. The latter can be caused by insect bites or scratches when the animal was still alive. When this is not present, abrasive treatments have probably been carried out which affect its quality.


2. The color

If we observe our body we will immediately notice that the color of the skin is not the same in every point, the same goes for animal skin. Whether it's a jacket or a bag, its color will hardly be homogeneous but there will be points where the leather will appear lighter or darker.

3. The softness

Furthermore, the skin can be soft and malleable, but also compact and heavier. Particularities that will significantly affect its duration compared to a synthetic fabric. A bag made of leather as it ages will never lose its charm but on the contrary it will transform, making it unique and inimitable.

4. The smell makes a difference

It is not just a question of touch, in recognizing a quality leather, the sense of smell also comes into play. The typical smell of real leather is unmistakable and quite strong (due to the oils used to hydrate it), enveloping and sometimes acrid. A smell that will last for years.

5. The water proof

If you are not yet convinced of what you have in your hands, just drop a drop of water on the leather. If it is real leather, after a few moments it will be absorbed leaving a small temporary dark halo, if instead it is a plastic material the water will slide off.

The guarantee of Made in Italy

First of all, to help consumers when buying, the Italian legislation created the denomination of to defend producers Real leather o Genuine Leather which you will find affixed to the product with the authorization ofNational Union of Tanning Industry (UNIC). A brand not to be underestimated because it certifies its non-toxicity and the absence of any harmful compound.


What makes the difference when it comes to Made in Italy is also the craftsmanship of the product. The seams, made by hand and with linen threads, will not only be more resistant over time but from an aesthetic point of view they will be more elegant and precious.

So understanding if what you are buying is of quality or not is not that difficult, especially when you rely on Italian craftsmanship brands.